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The Bottled Up Podcast, presented by Allen Beverages, is a monthly podcast focused on where the beverage business meets local business by sharing the stories, talents, and business savvy from some of the owners, staff, regulars, and musicians of the best bars, nightclubs, restaurants, music venues, and attractions on the Gulf Coast. Host, Andrew Allen, will sink his teeth into some of his favorite places while uncovers the secret formulas that make these incredible places so popular, heck, some even legendary.


EP26: Community and Creativity: The Heartbeat of Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

In this episode, Andrew Allen talks with Cindy DeFrances, Executive Director of Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. They delve into the museum's history, community impact, and new additions like a sensory tree house and Mars rover exhibit. Cindy highlights how the museum has grown from an idea in the 1960s to a beloved family destination, attracting over 120,000 visitors annually. They discuss community outreach efforts, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, including "discovery at home kits" and partnerships with local libraries and organizations. Cindy shares her thanks to the Coastal Community for their support, helping to make the museum a vital part of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

EP25: Behind The Wheel Of Jeepin' The Coast

In this episode of Bottled Up,  Andrew Allen chats with Jeepin' The Coast event organizers Jennifer Moran, Kim Farve, and Julie Bradley about their annual gathering that unites Jeep enthusiasts. Since its inception in 2011, this event has grown significantly, attracting thousands to the Mississippi Gulf Coast with its family-friendly atmosphere. The conversation highlights how the event showcases an array of Jeeps and supports various community causes with impressive economic benefits for the area. Tune in to hear more about the thrilling activities like scavenger hunts, poker runs, and the much-anticipated Jeep parade. Don't miss out on this in-depth look at what makes Jeepin' The Coast a remarkable event that's about more than just off-road vehicles - it's about community, charity, and passion.

EP24: Reeling in Success With Charter Captain Kyle Johnson

On this episode, Andrew Allen has a conversation with the incredible Kyle Johnson, captain and owner of Coastal Waters Outfitters. Kyle shared his passion for fishing, his journey from military electrician to full-time fishing guide, and the thrill of providing unique on-the-water experiences on the Mississippi coast. He digs deep into his commitment to client satisfaction, environmental conservation, and his love for speckled trout fishing. Plus, he shares his favorite Pepsi product with the listeners. Hear Kyle's inspiring story and snag some expert fishing tips. Don't forget to check out his fishing trips at Tight lines and great listens, everyone!

EP23: Making Waves In The Salon Business with Chuck Kelly

On this episode, Andrew Allen talks with Chuck Kelly, owner of Chuck's Salon, as he recounts his childhood upbringing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, his journey into the hairdressing industry, and the development of his successful salon business on the Gulf Coast. Chuck emphasizes the importance of providing a customer-centric experience in his salon, focusing on exceptional technical skills and personalized service for each guest. He discusses the challenges faced in the industry, such as the shift towards independent contractor models and the need to maintain high standards amidst changing trends.

Chuck Kelly reflects on transitioning to a smaller salon space, adapting to industry changes, and training the next generation of stylists. He highlights the significance of hiring based on personality rather than just technical skills, emphasizing the importance of empathy and customer engagement in the hairdressing profession. Chuck also touches on the impact of technology in the salon business, such as implementing online booking systems with strict reservation policies. Throughout the show, Chuck's dedication to maintaining quality service, fostering a positive work culture, and adapting to industry challenges shines through as key themes in his successful salon business. Enjoy the show!

EP22: Betting On the Pizza Business with Tom Bennett of Tom's Extreme Pizza

In this Bottled Up episode, host Andrew Allen sits down with special guest Tom Bennett, owner of Tom's Extreme Pizzeria in Ocean Springs, to delve into the world of running a successful business. Tom shares the challenges of finding reliable employees and navigating increasing costs, all while maintaining a casual, friendly environment at his pizzeria. They discuss the importance of quality, fresh ingredients, and the art of making the perfect pizza, including Tom's 31 specialty options. From bonsai trees to plans for franchising, they cover it all. So grab a slice of your favorite pizza and a Pepsi and join us for an insightful and delicious conversation on Bottled Up!

EP21: Building Bonds and Business with Duane Dyess and Jesus Ramirez of Allen Beverages

In this episode, Andrew Allen talks with special guests Duane Dyess and Jesus Ramirez from Allen Beverages. These long-time Allen Beverages team members discuss their experiences working under their legendary mentor, Andre, emphasizing the importance of following instructions and completing tasks diligently. Duane shares his extensive history at the company, working in various departments, while Jesus describes his transition to different roles. The group reflects on their close-knit work culture and the long tenure of their managers, emphasizing the strong family-like bond among colleagues and the support they received, particularly after Hurricane Katrina. They discuss the company's commitment to quick and efficient customer service, including personal assistance and 24-hour support. They also reminisce about memorable drinks sold and share wild stories from their time on route trucks. The episode concludes with a call to support local businesses and a reminder to email the show to learn more about Allen Beverages. Overall, the episode highlights Andre's strong influence and mentorship in the careers of the individuals featured, the supportive work environment, and the company's commitment to exemplary customer service.

EP20: Fresh Catch: Inside Killer Crab and Seafood with Drake Killingsworth

In this episode, host Andrew Allen welcomes guest Drake Killingsworth, owner of Killer Crab and Seafood Company. The conversation revolves around Drake's deep-rooted involvement in the seafood business, his strong family ties, and the challenges and successes of running a seafood restaurant.

Drake emphasizes the importance of personal relationships and appreciates the personalized customer service his restaurant receives from Pepsi employees. As the restaurant undergoes significant remodeling efforts, Andrew commends Drake and his brother for their hard work and business success. They discuss the restaurant's popular menu items, including the killer crab platter, frog grilled oysters, and gumbo, and the availability of Royal Reds shrimp throughout the year.

The discussion delves into the competitive seafood market, with Killer Crab and Seafood emphasizing competitive pricing and consistently fresh product offerings. Andrew expresses support for the company's commitment to community, pricing, and freshness, and Drake shares stories of his early experiences in the seafood industry, highlighting the menu diversity and seasonality.

Drake explains the restaurant's sourcing process, mainly from local fishermen, and the strong family bond that drives the business. They stress the importance of supporting local businesses and products to deliver fresher products.

The conversation also touches on Drake's early involvement in the seafood market, his unexpected transition to the restaurant business, and his family's support from a professional advisor to ensure compliance in their business operations. They also explore the significance of bait fish like pogies in the seafood industry and their role in catching crabs and shellfish.

Overall, the episode offers a rich insight into the competitive seafood market, the significance of family ties in running a business, and the commitment to providing fresh, high-quality products while supporting the local community.

EP19: Tapping into the Food and Radio World with Dave Melton

In today's episode, we have a special guest, Dave Melton, owner-operator of the popular Rockin' Chicken and Waffles restaurant. Joining our host, Andrew Allen, Dave shares his journey as an entrepreneur and his passion for music and radio. As they delve into the world of local business, they discuss the importance of customer satisfaction and the excellent service that sets Rockin' Chicken and Waffles apart from their competitors. From their strategic location off the interstate to their strong online presence, Dave and Andrew explore the keys to success in the restaurant industry. Get ready for some mouth-watering discussions as they dive into the menu, highlighting the signature chicken and waffles dish. Plus, they touch on the role of community involvement and the potential for growth in their area. Stay tuned for an inspiring conversation filled with insights and valuable lessons for local business owners and entrepreneurs. 

If you're a fan of chicken and waffles, you don't want to miss hearing about Rockin' Chicken and Waffles' delicious menu items, including their ever-popular chicken and waffles dish! Let's dive right into the delicious world of Rockin' Chicken and Waffles with Dave Melton on this episode of Bottled Up!

EP18: Beauty Knows No Pain Nor Budget with Ann Marie Walley

In today's episode, Andrew Allen talks with Ann Marie Walley, a stylist and the owner of Antonian Salon, with a passion for style, branding, and building strong relationships with her clients. Ann Marie takes us on a heartfelt journey as she shares her experiences serving clients and witnessing their lives' joys and sorrows. From weddings and first haircuts to proms and Mardi Gras, she has become an integral part of her clients' most memorable moments. We also delve into Ann Marie's path to owning a salon, her commitment to continuous education, and the challenges of balancing multiple roles. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind successful salon management, the power of customer service, and the importance of staying on the cutting edge of the industry. So sit back, relax, and get ready to hear the story behind the driving force of Antonian Studio.

EP17: Framing the Past and Future with Butch Simpson

Welcome back to another episode of Bottled Up, where we pop open the stories and lives of local business owners, artists, and unique characters!

In this episode, we talk with Butch Simpson of Negrotto's Frame + Art, and he takes us on his journey from the military and humble beginnings to owning a successful custom framing shop and art gallery. Butch recounts how he found his way to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the ups and downs of getting his business started, the aftermath of Katrina, and how he and his team at Negrotto's helped clients restore their damaged and thought-lost artwork and cherished family paintings. Plus, Butch discusses the gallery's plans for the future, including their marketing evolution into a more robust social media strategy and expanding their online reach to a growing market.

Butch Simpson and his skilled team at Negrotto's Frame + Art are artists at what they do. Do yourself a favor and go check out everything these highly skilled framers and restorers can do. Plus, check out all the local art handpicked and selected but Butch at the gallery.

Again, thanks for listening, and go support local businesses and artists; they are the brush strokes and paint colors that make The Mississippi Coast so wonderful, prosperous, and unique.

EP16: Navigating the Waves of Creativity and Conservation with Capt. Marty Wilson

Welcome back to Bottled Up, and on this episode, Andrew Allen goes deep diving into the fascinating world of Japanese Art, fishing, and coastal conservation with the talented artist, avid sport fisherman, and founder of One Gulf One Goal, Captain Marty Wilson.

Capt. Marty takes us on a journey through the ancient Japanese Art of gyotaku, a unique form of fish printing with deep cultural significance. From discussing the techniques used to create these intricate works of Art to highlight the stark contrast between Japanese and American culture, Marty sheds light on the beauty and mindfulness embodied in gyotaku.

But that's not all – we also delve into Marty's dedication to environmental conservation as he shares his efforts to combat plastic pollution and save marine life, particularly sea turtles. From his foundation's innovative products made from the yucca plant to his inspiring stories of rebuilding a ship after Hurricane Katrina, Marty's passion for the coast and its beautiful native creatures shines through.

Join us as we explore the intersection of Art, fishing, and environmental consciousness in this thought-provoking episode of Bottled Up.

Check Out Capt. Marty's Art Here >>>

Check Out One Gulf One Goal Here >>>

EP15: The Business & Power of Local Radio with Stephen Stiglets

On this episode of Bottled Up, Andrew Allen talks with Stephen Stiglets of local radio stations Kicker 108, Coast 102, and 95.3 The Gorilla, and he educates us on the power and importance of local radio and his career journey as a fourth-generation owner of the Coast Radio Group. He shares the advantage of being a local radio station on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and how it benefits their customer, the convenience of providing quick solutions with just one phone call. He also discusses the dynamic of the metro area market and shares that people in their area prefer listening to local radio stations like theirs for music and entertainment rather than just using streaming services.

Stephen talks about the importance of good creative in advertising and being a trustworthy local partner. He takes the opportunity to discuss his personal life, including being a father to his daughter Bertie. He mentions the challenges of fatherhood, such as lack of sleep and the joys of seeing his daughter become more aware of her surroundings.

The conversation then shifts to business as Stephen discusses his role at The Coast Radio Group, their recent implementation of HD stations, and how they are staying ahead of the curve. Stephen shares his experience working in the sales department and starting from the bottom, including implementing new technology in the Mississippi Gulf Coast market. He also provides an overview of the different stations in The Coast Radio Group family and their programming formats and music.

The discussion touches on the potential removal of AM stations in cars, Stephen's recent role as a new parent, his journey of joining the family business, and the influence of his grandfather and family. He talks about his initial interest in cybersecurity and how he ended up in sales, where he has worked with numerous businesses to market and improve their success.

Lastly, Stephen's gives us some pro radio advertising tips to get the most out of your local marketing budget.

Enjoy the show!

EP14: Fashion, Friendship and Better Mousetraps with Ferrell and Rose Alman of S.F. Alman

On the latest Bottled Up Podcast episode, where we share stories from the local businesses and business owners on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we have some special guests, Ferrell and Rose Alman, the owners of S.F. Alman. Andrew Allen and the Almans discuss how they got into the fashion retail business, the successes and struggles of making it a success, and their plans for the future. Plus, we walk down memory lane with some stories & secrets of Andrew's childhood & teenage years. Get inspired, learn more, and start your own successful business venture.

Check Out All The Great Clothing and Merchandise at S.F. Alman >>>

EP13: Exploring the Creative Side of Biloxi with Todd Durbin of WLOX 

On this episode of the Bottled Up podcast, we spoke with Todd Durbin, the Creative Director of WLOX TV. Todd discussed his background growing up in Biloxi and how he eventually got his start at WLOX 33 years ago. Todd also shared his responsibilities at WLOX and how they produce local advertising for businesses. He and Andrew also discussed how they have won multiple ADDY awards for their local ads and Todd’s experience and reputation as a hired gun musician. Additionally, Todd discussed the business-to-business advertising that they do between WLOX and Allen Beverages and how it is an excellent way for local businesses to get exposure without breaking the bank. Todd also shared his experience with music, from playing drums as a child to taking piano lessons to playing with bands at local venues. Finally, Todd shared his thoughts on how his musical background has helped him with his creative director role at WLOX, enabling him to think on his feet and be organized when producing television ads.

EP12: Going All In On Restaurant Success with Oren Zweig of the Lil Market Deli and Bagelry

In this episode of The Bottled Up Podcast, Oren Zweig, owner of the Lil Market Deli and Bagelry in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, talks about his journey from avid poker player and dealer to business owner and, eventually, restauranteur. He also shares his advice for anyone wanting to get into the restaurant business, emphasizing the importance of having a quality product, starting lean, and organically growing a loyal customer base. Finally, Oren discusses the importance of partnering with the right vendors, how customer service is the key to success, and treating his employees like family. Plus, he shares his recipe for his soon-to-be-famous Smash Burgers. Enjoy the show!

EP11: Crafting Unique Experiences with Kenny Williams of Mosaic

This episode of Bottled Up features Kenny Williams, co-owner of Mosaic in Ocean Springs, MS. Kenny talks to Andrew Allen about the unique and consistent experience he seeks to provide his patrons, from the décor to the music. He also shares his knowledge about having a team of managers who are bought into a shared vision, compensating talent accordingly, and using the assets of Ocean Springs to make it a unique destination for tourists. Lastly, Kenny shares his experience as a professional musician and how he uses that in the bar and restaurant industry. Tune in to gain insight into creating a fantastic food and beverage venue and customer experience and learn Kenny's simple yet effective bar and restaurant marketing strategy.

EP10: David Delk: The Man Who Can Get You Things

On this episode, Andrew Allen talks to a man known to be able to get you things. From a lawnmower to a bucket picker, to a large wedding tent, and even an elephant, this supplier of goods and needs is David Delk of ABC Rental, and he reveals the ins and outs of the rental business trade and how he and his father have built a successful and respected local 55-year-old business. Plus, David will talk about how strong local communities help and carry businesses through hurricanes, tough times, and pandemics.

David Delk and his father have provided a necessary business for our part of the world for over a half-century by sticking to their simple business mission of providing a needed product in proper working operation and at a fair price. So, if you are looking for a backhoe, chainsaw, a huge wedding tent, or even a circus elephant for your next job or event, David Delk and ABC Rental is a good place to start to save time, frustration, and a few bucks.

EP9: The Frosty Mug Then, Today and Tomorrow with Tim Thibideau

Welcome back to the first Bottled Up episode of 2023. Today, we talk with Tim Thibideau of the legendary "Frosty Mug" in Wiggins, Mississippi.

Mr. Tim and his wife Jan, lifelong successful entrepreneurs who have a track record of always finding juicy business opportunities, took over the Frosty Mug in 2008 and have maintained and evolved the excellent food, consistent presence, and the essential community hub that is the Frosty Mug.

Check out The Frosty Mug and try one of those famous Lot O' Burgers and specialty shakes >>> {}

On this episode, Mr. Tim fills us in on the small-town origins, what makes their burgers so legendary, upgrades coming to their legacy menu, and the importance and future of keeping the Frosty Mug around for its customers, past and present staff, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Keeping a 65-year-old establishment relevant and thriving is a challenging task. Tim Thiddeau and his wife Jan have done a fantastic job with running and growing the Frosty Mug, and the community and the area are better off for their dedication, hard work, and success. Hangouts and community hubs like The Frosty Mug make small-town life so unique and appealing. Mr. Tim knows that reality and is making sure that when the time comes, whoever takes over the Frosty Mug, will have to understand the importance of the history and consistency of this local landmark and legendary establishment.

So, let's all sit back, listen, and hear what it's like to run and grow a legendary 65-year landmark establishment and brand.

EP8: Tis the Season for Harbor Lights with Jase Payne

On this episode, Andrew Allen talks about the ins and outs, and we get a peek behind the curtain of "the best Christmas Event in Mississippi, the Harbor Lights Winter Festival, with Communications & Marketing Manager of Gulfport, MS. Jase Payne.

Jase will discuss how his work in the movie industry prepared him for his showcasing job with the city; and he gives advice for others wanting to start a big festival. He also shares the resources, people, things, and the magic needed to put on Mississippi's largest holiday event that is turning Gulfport into a true Christmas destination for not only tourists from all over but for all locals on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

EP7: Never Cut Corners with Alex Robert of Monster Subs and Sandwiches

On this episode, Andrew Allen talks with Alex Roberts, the co-owner of Monster Subs, one of Gulfport's best places to get large, premium meat, deli-style sandwiches, and subs. Alex tells us the origins of why he and his father started Monster Subs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, some of the challenges in his shop with outrageous rising food prices, how he manages working close with other family members, and he reveals the secret ingredient to their huge success and growing community of Monster Subs sandwich lovers.

Alex Roberts and his Father have really built something here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and we love how they started their deli because they couldn't find an authentic Italian sandwich and a specific taste that they craved. What a great business origin story, and it's such a blessing to all of us locally that this father and son team followed through with their plan and can deliver on their product and passion every day.

Listeners, you have got to go see and taste the huge and amazing sandwiches at MONSTER SUBS and SANDWICHES. Hearing about these mega-sandwichs on this podcast does not do them justice.

EP6: What's Cooking with Chef Stephen Morgan

On this episode, Andrew Allen talks with Chef Stephen Morgan the Director of Food & Beverage Services of the Boyd Gaming and the IP Casino Restaurants in Biloxi, MS. Chef Morgan walks Andrew through his amazing culinary career that started at the age of 12, through his schooling at the Culinary Institute of America, earning his Chef stripes with Ritz Carlton and eventually to reorganizing the IP Casino and Resort restaurants after Hurricane Katrina. Chef Morgan also gives his best advice on making a restaurant popular, proficient, and profitable. Plus, get your pen ready for some culinary insights for the best Coastal comfort food recipes and secrets from a real-world Top Chef.

EP5: Surviving The Storms with Scuba Steve Johnson

On this episode, Andrew Allen talks with the Scuba Steve Johnson of Scuba Steve Clothing Company, a coastal lifestyle apparel brand he started in Gulfport, MS. Steve's incredible success story of persistence, hard work, positivity, and overcoming immense adversity has more twists and turns than the 1000s of miles he has driven from festival to festival selling his popular and unique t-shirts. So, listen closely because Scuba Steve has some life and business lessons to teach us all today.

EP4: Cheers To Matt Mavar of The Cannery Bar and Grill

On this episode, Andrew talks with Mathew Mavar, the owner of The Cannery Bar and Grill in Woolmarket, MS. Mathew reveals the ins and outs, joys, and challenges of running one of the best live music venues and bars on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Plus, he also shares his family tree origin story of "The Cannery" name, the genius of Elvis, and his best advice on surviving the grind and the secrets to thriving in the bar and restaurant industry.

EP3: Stopping Traffic with Ms. Leisa Culpepper of The Whistle Stop Cafe

On this episode of Bottled Up, Andrew talks with Ms. Leisa Culpepper of the family-owned The Whistle Stop Cafe of Wiggins, Mississippi. Ms. Leisa tells the cafe's origin story and the secret recipe of success for this "good ole" country cooking restaurant whose food is literally known to stop trains and traffic. Plus, we learn how Leisa's "retirement plan" business became a 20 plus year labor of love and how her beloved and departed husband and partner is still a part of the #1 restaurant in Wiggins on TripAdvisor. Described as "comfort food with a twist", one visit to the Whistle Stop and meeting Ms. Leesa and her staff you'll see why they are a community treasure and known for treating all their patrons like family. Big tip: If you happen to make your way to The Whistle Stop Cafe, make sure you try their famous catfish and fried green tomatoes. Enjoy the show!

EP2: Crushing It with Zach Rushing of Outlaw Speedway

The description of "Renaissance Man" gets thrown around a lot these days, but in our humble opinions, today's guest Zach Rushing really fits this lofty title. Zach is not only the owner and operator of Outlaw Speedway in Perkinston, MS; he is also a bonafide YouTube influencer and the creative force behind BBB Outdoors. Plus, he's a no-holds-barred southern motivational entertainer who is selling out venues all over the South.

EP1: The Folk Art of BBQ with Brooke Lewis and Brad Orrison of The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint

Welcome to the first episode of the Bottled Up Podcast; on this episode, host Andrew Allen talks with the brother-and-sister and bonafide BBQ World Championship team of Brooke Lewis and Brad Orrison from The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint. Open since 2001 and located right off I-10 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, it has been a magnet for BBQ and music fanatics from all over the country.


Andrew Allen started working for Allen Beverages, his family's company, in 1998 when he was a teenager. He started in Vending Department and then started working on trucks and merchandising stores learning the business from the ground up. Andrew graduated from Mississippi State University in 2009 with a degree in Marketing. In 2010 he started his professional career with Allen Beverages as a third generation operator. In a short time, he helped the company receive Pepsi Co Bottler of the year in 2014. This year Allen Beverages celebrates 75 years as the local Pepsi provider on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Andrew currently lives in his hometown of Gulfport, MS with his wife and two daughters.


Allen Beverages is your local Pepsi provider on the MS Gulf Coast since 1947. Founded in Gulfport, MS by Cleve Allen and named the Spur Bottling Company as a Canada Dry franchise. The first delivery was made in September 1947, one day before a hurricane, and with a fleet of one army surplus truck. Today, Allen Beverages is one of the premier food and beverage companies on the Gulf Coast with a product line of Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Lipton Tea, Dole juices, Sunkist Flavors, Hawaiian Punch, Starbucks, Aquafina Water, Sobe, Gatorade.